Transmedia Storytelling: GameBridge

Project Status: Complete

Created in Janet Murray‘s Experimental Television Lab, GameBridge is a transmedia project that creates a convergence point for a television show, a book series, and other media forms in order to create an immersive experience in a storyworld. Using the HBO show Game of Thrones as a model, my group created a game that is released episodically after the release of television show episode.

In other words, after a TV show episode is released, a game episode is released. In this way, the connection between the characters and the events on the show with the viewer deepens, forming a strong emotional connection.

For this project, I contributed to creating the overall visual design of the game. As a fan of both the show and the books (most of my group had only seen the show), I was also dubbed “The Loremaster.” I also wrote the paper for the project, which was published at the TVX conference and I had the pleasure of presenting the project there.

View game prototype

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