Service Design: NCR, Macy’s, and the Future of Retail

Project Status: Completed

As part of my Service Design and Organizational Activation class, taught by Florian Vollmer, we partnered with NCR to work with participating clients to envision future retails scenarios that the companies can adopt. My team worked with Macy’s and we were composed of three smaller groups that shared ideas and research. I served as the group lead for one of the smaller groups that worked within the Macy’s team.

We conducted primary and secondary research by going on store visits, reading annual reports, conducting literature reviews, and learning about all aspects of Macy’s in order to get a better sense of the company and their brand identity.

My team created a service design strategy that focused on creating a personalized experience at Macy’s by organizing the store by demographic. Specifically, we looked at using technology with intention, using technology to solve a problem instead of finding a problem that technology can fix. For instance, rather than throwing an augmented reality shopping experience at grandma, we’re going to use technological solutions for the demographic that would appreciate it.

Interconnected Macy’s

We discovered that in a department store that has something for everyone, Macy‘s has the opportunity for truly personalized experiences. We came up with a solution for event based engagement with customers.

It centers around the concept of Macy’s Window, a permanent installation at Macy’s. It’s a wall-sized window into another Macy’s store. Then we created concepts to draw people in based on the streaming functionality of the window.

Project Summary Video:

For a more detailed description of the concept, view our Final Design Document and Presentation. To see the research that went into the project, view our team’s Research Document.

My role in this project? I led the team’s brainstorming sessions and pushed us to think beyond creating an app and delving into the real service pain points. I led the research charge and put together the final design documents using InDesign.