Management: The BlueStocking Newspaper

Project Status: Complete

Throughout my experience at Presbyterian College, I wrote for the student newspaper, the BlueStocking. During my junior and senior year, I served as the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper.

As Editor-in-Chief, I inherited a small newspaper with a core team of journalists who lacked clear direction. The meetings formerly consisted of the Editor-in-Chief putting up a list of topics and people free-form volunteering for them. Or journalists would privately or publicly suggest ideas. However, when they put me in charge, I decided to create sections for the reporters so that people could organize themselves by interest. I recognized the desire for some of the reporters to take a leadership role in the organization, so I encouraged them to apply for the roles. Essentially, I took a small team that only had a business manager who managed expenses and an Editor-in-Chief and created a sustainable organization.

Creating the sections in the paper gave reporters the opportunity to be directly mentored by the section editors. It also ensured we published more quality material because there were more eyes editing the articles. Previously, it was only the Editor-in-Chief who edited articles.

Since we were a smaller newspaper, we also had room for more non-traditional roles. We had someone particularly interested in event planning, so I let her take that on and we hosted a party each school year: A Great Gatsby themed party and a Yule Ball (Harry Potter). One of our writers was really into music, so he created a BlueStocking Spotify account and would make monthly playlists and write a corresponding article about his selections.

All in all, my experience taught me about project and people management. How to organize at a detailed level and how to harness the strengths of a team.

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