Information Architecture: State Farm

Project Status: Complete

As an intern at State Farm Digital, I initially signed on as a content strategy intern, but I quickly became involved in strategy discussions and took on various design and information architecture projects. Moreover, I shadowed various leaders throughout the group to get a better understanding of leadership roles in a UX practice at a corporation.

My shadowing adventures gave me the opportunity to learn from project managers, digital experience architects, developers, creative directors, senior content strategists, user experience team leads, information architects, designers, content strategists, and researchers.

After shadowing people of all roles in the UX department, I learned that I am more of a strategist than a practitioner. I thrive off of high-level discussions and future planning. Some of my favorite discussions involved brand and brand strategy.

Information Architecture

Due to non-disclosure agreements, I can’t share very many of the projects I worked on, but I can share a page that I designed.

The State Farm Auto Discounts page had very little hierarchy and the discounts offered to customers were not organized in any manner. A redesign was in order. I participated in the strategy discussions to change the page itself and then I completed various iterations of the redesign itself.

We ultimately decided to have a featured discounts section that highlighted two of the apps that State Farm offers. Then we consolidated the other discounts into three main categories: Safe Driver, Safe Vehicle, and Loyal Customers. Following the company’s style guide, I designed the final version of the page.

Old State Farm Discounts Page
Before – Previous State Farm Discounts Page
Redesigned State Farm Discounts Page
After – Redesigned State Farm Discounts Page