Hardware Prototyping: Alien Dress Up Doll

Project Status: Complete

The first project for Hardware Prototyping, taught by Michael Nitsche, consisted of creating a simple circuit, performative puppet.

In performance, dress-up dolls have always been integral. Before the digital age, paper dolls were used in advertising, magazines, newspapers, and as toys for children. Ever since there has been paper, it has been utilized in performance whether through origami, paper formations, paper art, and masks. Young children enjoy playing dress up both with toys and dolls but also with actual clothing.

For my hybrid puppet, I decided to make a dress up doll. Using fun scrapbook paper, I created a gender-less alien and several outfits. The outfits serve as the switch to complete the circuit and activate the lights.

Figure 1

The articles of clothing each have a piece of copper tape on them, which completes the circuit from the front. On the back, three pieces of copper tape travel down from the negative and positive ends of the battery and run parallel, but do not meet (Fig. 1).

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