Civic Media: Sweet Auburn Media Strategy

Project Status: Complete

As part of Nassim JafariNaimi‘s Visual Culture and Design course, my studied the history and culture of the Sweet Auburn District in Atlanta. We visited the neighborhood multiple times and had the opportunity to discuss and study urbanization with experts in various areas, including history and culture professors, a representative from the National Parks service as well as journalists and writers.Through gathering this variety of perspectives, we found ourselves inspired with many ideas. Ultimately, we chose to focus on the downtown Atlanta streetcar and the affordances of public transportation as a storytelling platform.

Storycar: What do stories and the streetcar have in common? They unite us.

We decided to use the streetcar because there are plenty of tourists, commuters, and locals who ride the streetcar everyday. There’s a lot of time to kill while riding and so it’s the perfect opportunity to inform riders about the local area.

The media strategy involves a website that situates stories on both a map and by location. We envisioned the streetcar having screens that would play videos featuring people from the local area. Rather than filming the stories ourselves, we took existing media. In the future, these stories could be curated by an organization.

This project would go on to become my master’s project.

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