ARKit: Landscaping App

While working at Stanley Black & Decker as an associate digital product manager, I assisted in designing a user experience for an augmented reality landscaping app.

Designing for AR is a new frontier for user experience design. To tackle this, I did research into the existing apps and explored what could be improved about them. I thought about how a user might approach wanting to go through using AR for landscaping. I broke the app out into three main tools: measuring, survey, and laser level.

Along with a colleague, we whiteboarded the experience and thought through how it might work.

Then, using Sketch, I mocked up a medium fidelity flow of what this app might accomplish using these various functions.

The user would open the app, have the three options and would be walked through how to use the tool step by step. Then they would be prompted to save the file so that they could record their data.

Designing for AR is a challenged because the main feature is reality. You want to augment that reality, not interfere with it. Therefore, a minimalist approach to the screens is vital.